Committed to you for the long-term

Service is an important part of our philosophy. It is via our services that we ensure you of a positive experience and how we continue to support you following the installation of your videoconferencing and audiovisual equipment.

Management and Remote Support

Specialist support for the long-term, tailored to you.

As a one-stop-shop taking care of all your control or crisis, video conference rooms and audiovisual needs, we aim to support you for the long-term.

Service level agreements provide you with access to our specialist Technical Support Team. Technically qualified and proven in the field, our team will help to keep your network running optimally and solve any issue that may arise quickly and efficiently.

We offer service level agreements tailored precisely to your needs. With such an agreement you receive access to the following:

  • Personal telephone support
  • Monitored email support ticketing (CRM)
  • Remote assistance via remote desktop and/or virtual private network
  • Planned on-site support
  • Quarterly, bi-annual or annual maintenance

your one-stop-shop


Your Guide through the complexities of conferencing, control or crisis rooms.

The world of digital conferencing and control & crisis environments is a maze of constantly evolving products, standards and regulations. It can be helpful to have someone to show you the way.

Our consultants are on hand to guide and support you through all aspects of technology and system integration, from interior design to government regulations and everything in between.

Create or expand your digital conferencing environment

Our specialists will perform a detailed analysis in order to present you with a comprehensive plan of action by which you can create or expand your digital conferencing environment. The plan will offer you a helicopter view so that you are well-informed throughout all stages of project execution.

Our consultants will factor in future requirements, proposing solutions that are both flexible and scalable.

Our aim is to take care of the entire process. Our consultants will think along with you to find a solution that best meets your needs. We deliver not only the equipment and network facilities, but also lighting, audio checks and even the furniture.

Once you have decided upon a solution, we will create test configurations. During testing, you will have the chance to customize the solution to your requirements.

During implementation, our project managers will bring together all stakeholders, coordinating every aspect of the project to ensure a smooth execution on time, on budget and according to your goals.

Following implementation, our consultants will take care of training your personnel to ensure you get the best from your investment. we will also take responsibility for system support and on-going maintenance.

3D Visualization

We understand that the investment in turnkey control, operations and monitoring rooms, and high-end videoconferencing studios can be daunting for some decision makers. To help you demonstrate the value of the investment within your company, we create 3D visualizations showcasing the room and our solutions within. By sharing this throughout your organization, we will help to create awareness of your aims and stimulate dialogue between colleagues and departments. With these visualizations, we not only show how a room will look, but also workflows, viewing angles, textures and colour schemes.

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