Experience the power of VuWall solutions that simplify video wall control and signal distribution over IP. We have redefined industry standards by offering unparalleled ease of use and deployment, ensuring seamless distribution of any source to any display. Our commitment to technological advancement is evident through our expanding partnerships, such as our collaboration with Polymedia, to enhance the interoperability of AV-over-IP deployments beyond our own ecosystem.

At VuWall, we specialize in developing cutting-edge solutions for efficient visual information management across various facilities. Our comprehensive ecosystem comprises advanced video wall controllers, encoders, and decoders, all seamlessly orchestrated by our unique TRx Centralized Management Platform.

Leave behind the complexities associated with traditional video wall control and IP signal distribution. Our solutions empower you to effortlessly achieve optimal source distribution and display performance. We continue to forge new technology alliances, ensuring that our solutions remain adaptable and compatible with a wide range of AV-over-IP deployments.

Join our extensive list of satisfied clients across diverse industries, including corporate, utilities, transportation, government & defense, security, oil & gas, banking, and education. With our award-winning solutions, we have successfully powered over 5,000 video walls in renowned Fortune 500 control rooms and corporate workspaces across 45 countries worldwide.



Discover IHSE, a world-leading manufacturer at the forefront of flexible and highly secure KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) extension and switching solutions for collaboration, resource management, and access control. Our future-proof and modular IHSE solutions provide unparalleled security and safeguard your investments.

Tailor your IHSE solution to meet specific requirements and budgets by selecting from a vast range of flexible modules. With our user-friendly approach, installations can be effortlessly upgraded with new features and interface standards without the need to replace existing systems.

KVM technology, an abbreviation for Keyboard, Video, Mouse, empowers you to seamlessly switch, extend, and convert primary computer signals along with other signals such as DVI, HDMI, digital audio, and USB. With our headquarters located near Lake Constance, Germany, IHSE boasts 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing high-quality switches for computer and console operation and switching, as well as extenders for visually lossless signal transmission.

IHSE products have earned prestigious certifications for their exceptional manufacturing quality, operational efficiency, resilience, and blazing-fast transfer speeds. Renowned institutions across diverse sectors, including Broadcast, Post Production, Banking, Healthcare, Maritime, Air Traffic Control, and Government, place their trust in IHSE’s KVM solutions crafted in Germany.



Recognizing the distinct challenges faced by professionals in the audio industry, including complex acoustic environments, limited connectivity options, and intricate signal processing requirements, Bose took a transformative step. Rather than creating another product, Bose established an entirely new division dedicated to addressing these pro audio concerns: Bose Professional.

Bose Professional caters to diverse markets, delivering exceptional sound experiences in venues worldwide. From performing arts centers, theaters, and auditoriums to stadiums, restaurants, schools, retail stores, hotels, and corporate buildings, Bose Professional is committed to providing outstanding audio solutions across various industries.



Leveraging their extensive audio expertise and incorporating powerful video and screen sharing capabilities, Poly specializes in enhancing productivity through seamless connections. Whether it’s on a train, in an open office, or any space in between, Poly’s solutions are designed to optimize collaboration.

Poly’s products seamlessly integrate with popular video conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Starleaf, Webex, and many more. With a focus on user-friendly operations, Poly’s solutions address challenges you may not have even been aware of, offering straightforward and smooth experiences.

The surge in remote and hybrid work has generated a significant demand for solutions that enable new forms of collaboration and co-creation. Through the combination of Poly and HP, we are poised to shape the future of hybrid work experiences. As a unified entity, we are stronger together, constantly innovating to support our customers and partners in their transformative journey to redefine the way work is accomplished in this unique era.



At Extron, we understand the crucial role that audio and video solutions play in fostering effective communication, enabling dynamic learning environments, fostering collaboration, and enhancing overall ambience. With a comprehensive product lineup of over 5,000 offerings, we have the right solution to meet the scale and budget requirements of virtually any project. Trusted by AV system designers and integrators worldwide, Extron products are chosen daily to create optimal solutions for a wide array of applications and environments.

With our diverse portfolio of products, Extron empowers you to bring your vision to life in any application and venue. Our extensive range of technologies allows for the deployment of fully integrated AV solutions across the enterprise. Each product is carefully engineered to deliver best-in-class performance, exceptional reliability, and high energy efficiency. As a vertically integrated company, we take responsibility for every step of the process, from design and manufacturing to testing and support. This ensures seamless integration between Extron products, creating comprehensive AV system solutions that are built to last for years. Our meticulous product design process incorporates iterative improvements, resulting in features and capabilities that streamline installation processes and provide intuitive operation for all users.

Partner with Extron and experience the power of cutting-edge AV technology, designed to meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations.



Polymedia chooses Philips monitors for their exceptional design and performance. Philips offers a wide selection of high-quality monitors that boast powerful and advanced features. With Philips monitors, you can expect optimal performance to enhance your productivity every working day, regardless of your business’s size or activities.

Designed with style and equipped with advanced connectivity options, Philips monitors offer smart features and functionality to meet your professional needs. Our comprehensive range of professional Philips TVs is carefully curated to deliver the ultimate experience across various business sectors, including hospitality and corporate environments. We prioritize sustainability alongside flexibility, ensuring that our monitors help propel your business forward into the future.



Smeulders Interieurgroep is a renowned expert in customized interior design. With a focus on delivering innovative, durable, and high-quality interiors, the company serves clients globally.

Whether it’s an international hotel chain or a private residence, Smeulders Interieurgroep offers tailored interior solutions for a wide range of projects. The company firmly believes that an interior is a powerful medium for expressing identity. Therefore, each interior is meticulously customized, taking into account the client’s specific desires while considering practical and technical feasibility.

As a partner of Smeulders Interieurgroep, Polymedia is proud to provide customers with a comprehensive one-stop-shop experience. Collaborating with Smeulders allows us to offer a seamless integration of our respective services, ensuring that clients receive an exceptional and unified solution for their interior design needs.

Smeulders Interieurgroep

Room booking

Polymedia presents an extensive selection of room booking systems sourced from top suppliers such as Humly, Yealink, Poly, and Evoko. This diverse range allows Polymedia to offer a wide array of functionalities and flexibility to meet your specific requirements.

Our room booking systems incorporate the latest standards in technology, including features such as CO2 meters and movement detection, among others. Available in various sizes of wall-mounted tablets, these systems can seamlessly integrate with corporate agendas, providing a comprehensive solution for efficient room management.

With Polymedia, you can expect cutting-edge room booking systems that combine advanced features, flexibility, and integration capabilities, ensuring optimal productivity and convenience for your organization.



Convergencie specializes in the distribution of multi-source and multi-screen information, catering to a wide range of environments. With a wealth of expertise in 4K monitors, LCD screen walls, LED

image walls, and video projectors, Convergencie excels in collaborative spaces, control centers, smart cities, smart buildings, supervision-command rooms, alert centers, crisis management centers, SOC (Security Operations Center), and various other locations.

As the exclusive representative of VuWall Technology’s solutions in France, Convergencie brings cutting-edge and innovative technology to the forefront. Leveraging their extensive experience gained from over 450 successful project implementations, Convergencie is well-equipped to assist in selecting the most suitable AV and IT solutions for your specific needs.

Trust Convergencie to deliver advanced information distribution solutions that enhance collaboration, optimize control centers, and empower efficient operations across diverse industries.



B-Tech AV Mounts stands as a leading brand in the professional AV mounting solutions industry, renowned globally for their reliability, durability, easy installation, and aesthetic design. With its origins dating back to 1972 in London, B-Tech has evolved into a worldwide organization, establishing offices and distribution centers across the globe. This allows us to offer customer support that combines the advantages of a global company with the personalized and localized approach of a dedicated service.

The comprehensive range of B-Tech mounting solutions covers all AV requirements, spanning from small single screens to large-format displays, projectors, speakers, interactive touchscreens, UC equipment, multi-screen video walls, and digital signage. Our products are designed to meet stringent TUV and UL safety standards by our in-house team of engineers based in the UK.

B-Tech AV Mounts provides a versatile selection of mounting options, including wall or ceiling mounts, desktop stands, and freestanding or bolt-down floor stands. As a previous recipient of the coveted AV Manufacturer of the Year award, our products can be found in prestigious hotels, shopping malls, government facilities, corporate offices, sports stadiums, restaurants, airports, and conference facilities worldwide.

Choose B-Tech AV Mounts for unparalleled expertise, exceptional product quality, and unmatched customer service in the realm of professional AV mounting solutions.