SINCE 1996

After more than 20 years of experience Polymedia Europe own its existence to the personal relationship it brings to its customers and prospects. A technical service that is up to the task and with a fast and efficient response time.  

We will together with our customers select the right environment and implement it for the end-users in such a way that the productivity will increase and is fully compliant with the business process of our customers.

Why settle for satisfaction when we can impress ? 


Our Values

Polymedia Europe is on the cutting edge of digital environments. State of the art technology at the fingertips of regular users. Elegant design supported by reliable solutions. Return on investment achieved by equipment fulfilling your business requirements. If you want a crisis/control room, digital signage environment, Interactive 4K monitors, Digital flip-over, Wireless presentation tools, LED walls, a BIM room, or a small or large auditorium, High-end training room, streaming and narrowcasting environments, a room booking system, small and large meeting room, Huddle rooms and videoconferencing rooms based on Skype for business or with a major codec  manufacturer on premises or in the cloud including our furniture design the you are at the right address. How do you arrive at the cutting edge of quality in digital environments? Suppliers dazzle you with their technological marvels. Constructors present contradictive requirements to meet governmental safety standards. Interior design and technology do not merge seamlessly. Project managers fail to deliver on deadlines. Customers are forced to invest beyond economic realities and are left with technology that does not present an integrated solution. Polymedia Europe is market leader in the integration of digital environments solutions. We create working solutions in all shapes and sizes ; from state-of-the art Immersive telepresence and video conferencing to simple and elegant Huddle rooms solutions. Polymedia Europe is not merely a technology vendor: we provide full service to our customers in Europe. In our advice, the systems and components we propose, budget allocation, Polymedia Europe provides the highest value for your money, answering both rational and emotional questions.

Leading brands

Polymedia Europe delivers the cutting of quality in digital conferencing. This is why we supply products of the leading suppliers of digital conferencing and audiovisual technology that have proven themselves  over and over again.

We can supply all majors brands like Barco, VuWall, Extron, Barco, Kramer, BenQ, Door-Tablet, Samsung, Evoko, Smartmetal, B-Tech, Avaya and many more.