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Videoconferencing and meeting rooms

Food and biochemical company Corbion has worked with Polymedia Europe on the creation of 35 different rooms to date. This includes 15 videoconferencing and 20 meeting rooms.

Polymedia has implemented LAN-based TV broadcasting, Extron room scheduling in the rooms as well as integrating Teams and Barco Clickshare for information sharing. Creation of these rooms also required Polymedia to create customized furniture.

We’ve worked together with Polymedia for a number of years now, in the development of numerous rooms. During this time, they have really thought along with us to develop solutions that are a good match with our requirements. Polymedia have shown themselves to be more than just a service provider, they work with us as partners.”

– A.v.D. , Director IT for EMEA & APAC

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Q8 Aviation

The many years we have worked with Polymedia Europe speak for themselves. From the very start we have enjoyed an excellent relationship. Polymedia has always listened to our requirements and developed a solution to meet them precisely.”

– M.H. , Senior Infrastructure Analyst

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Fully automated videoconferencing rooms

Polymedia has been supporting global aviation fuel leader Q8 Aviation for over two decades. Among the projects Polymedia has undertaken for the company was the realization of four high-end, fully automated videoconferencing rooms, including tailored furniture. The rooms make use of Barco Clickshare to make presentation delivery straightforward.

ESA ESEC Galaxia

Training facility

Galaxia is a part of the European Space Agency’s (ESA) European Space Security and Education Centre (ESEC). The organization is dedicated to the provision of innovative training and learning programmes to teachers and students of ESA member states.

To achieve these aims, Galaxia needed a new training facility, for which they approach Polymedia Europe. Polymedia set about designing, manufacturing and installing a range of tailored furniture and integrating Codec videoconferencing, a tracking camera and a network of computers to enable live streaming, recording and replay of courses.

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This was a project of some significance. The training facility is used to educate future generations of space engineers. It was also a complex undertaking, which Polymedia handled with complete confidence and capability.” – N.C. , Administrator

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Safran Landing Systems

Polymedia were quick to provide us with the support we required. They performed the installation of our equipment with utmost efficiency. We have been very pleased with the results. Our engineers enjoy fast, comfortable access to critical information. They are not required to carry out their work in a noisy test environment, or to walk repeatedly from their workstations to the monitoring apparatus. Polymedia have provided us a solution that maximises productivity.”

– P.F. , Manager et Autorité Technique

Test centre and audio/video distribution environment

When aircraft landing system specialist Safran Landing Systems was looking for a customised audio and video distribution environment to monitor hardware in its new test centre, the company approached Polymedia Europe. Safran’s aim was to create a comfortable, productive environment for its engineers, remote from the test centre itself.

Polymedia developed an environment tailored to Safran’s specific requirements. This included integrating diverse technical equipment such as monitors and cameras, as well as customising the furniture to host it. Polymedia then connected the hardware to Safran’s network via a VuWall video matrix, so that the test environment could be projected and monitored on a media wall.

SNCF Voyageurs

Control and crisis room

For French passenger train operator SNCF Voyageurs there is much to consider. To ensure the safety of its passengers and the smooth running of its services, the company must have a clear situational overview. There are numerous things that can go wrong. What if someone is on the tracks? Or a passenger takes sick? Or there is a power shortage?

Polymedia supported the company with the creation of a control and crisis room with custom-made furniture and video walls to help manage all these situations and more. Located at the heart of the company’s operational centre, the environment Polymedia developed features six screens. From these, observers can monitor the continuous supply of national and international news, station surveillance and a map of France featuring live train information, amongst other things.

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The control room that Polymedia developed for us precisely met our requirements. It offers us significantly improved potential to monitor events affecting our operations, including those taking place in the wider world. The environment has really contributed to our ability to optimize interaction and collaboration.”

– F.A. , Directrice Adjointe de Projets Bâtiments (MOA)