LED walls and video walls

Present your content quickly, clearly and cost-efficiently

Videowalls are growing in popularity. Once confined to the entrance room and crisis centres, it is now commonplace to find them in boardrooms, classrooms and other environments, across multiple sectors.

It’s easy to see the appeal. Information can be rapidly and easily communicated, in the right place, at the right time, with a minimum of fuss.

At Polymedia Europe we work with a wide range of high-quality products from Samsung, LG, and Philips, which seamlessly integrate with your AV over IP solution.

Content is managed through the centralized AV over IP management console. Quick and simple to use, the console is the perfect tool for when information needs to be updated fast – as in crisis situations.

Whether for a retail display in a shopping centre, information display at a railway station, an advertisement display or a demonstration room, we can offer a video wall system for every purpose. The system consists of a videowall display with very narrow bezels, LED building blocks or video projectors using edge blending functionalities.

With the video wall console, different user permissions can be granted to different walls. As a result of which, you can control content on multiple walls/surfaces without source duplication, ensuring cost-efficiency and minimal complexity.

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