Operations Room

Enabling you to be prepared for whatever happens, today or tomorrow

When you are looking for an environment that enables you to broadcast any source (applications, video or any other source) towards a video wall, large or small, then we have diverse solutions for you.

It could be that you are in manufacturing or public transport or you need to control the transportation of water. Maybe you need to monitor a wide area IT network infrastructure or heavily secured military operations centre. Whatever the nature of your operations, we offer the possibility to organize by:

  • Controlling multiple remote computers from your desktop (single point of control)

  • Showing the visual content of these different computers simultaneously on large video wall displays

  • Creating matching layouts on the video wall for the best eagle-eye view

  • Recording the actions of the operators and displayed content on a secured server

  • Automizing events and alarms

As operator of an operations room, you get behind your desk, select the pre-defined, preferred video wall content layout though the desktop touch panel next to you. From that same touch panel you select which remote computer you want to monitor up close, or control. For controlling the remote computers, you hover with the mouse between the sources displayed and control them whenever required. When attention needs to be drawn to a specific item by your team members you simply drag and drop the source to the large video wall. In order to emphasize the importance of your shown case, you can change the wall integrated LED illumination color bar to a pre-defined set of colours which reflect, for example, the level of emergency. In case there is high importance, you can record the different types of content displayed to review later. It can then be saved on the recording server by pressing on record button on the touch panel.

At another moment it may be that your attention is automatically drawn by displayed content on the large video wall display guided with a red illuminated LED bar. This will be due to the fact that a colour detection server has detected a specific change of status on a specific remote PC. Based on the event, you as operator can take immediate control of that PC by selecting it from your personal console and addressing the event.

For reliability, redundancy in hardware and software infrastructure can be added to ensure that your environment is always working – 24/7 if necessary.
For the delivery of these solutions, we work with partners, whose solutions have proven, over the years, to be effective on projects large and small.

Extron – Quantum Line

VuWall – VuScape TRx platforms

We combine the broad capabilities of this network with over a quarter of a century of experience in the integration of digital environment solutions. In this manner, we aim to swiftly deliver to you a turnkey solution spanning everything from equipment to furniture.
We appreciate that, especially in times of emergency, you don’t want to be faced with unnecessary complexity. For this reason, we look to provide you with a user-friendly solution, that is straightforward and intuitive to use.

We never know what the future will bring; that’s why you need one of the above-mentioned environments in the first place. We look to prepare you for the future, by incorporating optimal scalability into your solution.

Let us know what we can do for you.