The Polymedia Tech Support Team

The world of digital conferencing systems is a jungle of standards, products and possibilities that present bewildering options to first time purchasers. You need a guide who leads you the way. There are many technological details that must integrate seamlessly. The end result is highly visible at board- room and customer level. Considerable amounts of money are involved. This makes digital conferencing a ‘high visibility, high involvement, high risk’ purchase.


Polymedia Europe’s consultants guide you through the process from wishes and possibilities to complete solutions, covering all aspects from technology and system integration to interior design and governmental regulation. Our digital conference consultants present you:


An analysis of your needs describing a detailed description or plan of everything you need to get started or expand your required environement.

No matter which solution you required that is within Polymedia’s field of expertise.,

An expert’s opinion on which equipment will be best for your purposes.

Equipment that can handle future growth or be upgraded in the future without having to buy all new equipment. Training or finding a trainer to make sure users are familiar and can work the equipment.


A helicopter view on your project, making sure all aspects go as to plan.


This method guarantees that your requirements are always the central question.



Project management for best results

Arriving at the cutting of quality in digital conferencing requires strict project management. Suppliers can’t just walk in and out; they have to operate as a professional team, with meticulous precision.

Polymedia Europe’s project managers are objective, neutral and independent. They are true team managers: joining forces of all suppliers involved to deliver on time, budget and goals. They will bring all parties together: from architects to the fire brigade to make sure everything falls in place. Having an independent project manager prevents finger pointing or budget overruns.

We also provide a second opinion when you feel uncomfortable with the proposals or estimates from other suppliers.

Installation of high-end solutions

Polymedia Europe installs the cutting edge of quality in digital conferencing. When decisions are made, Polymedia Europe takes care of the whole implementation and installation of the system of your choice. In all business or private situations we provide you with:


Complete solutions

Organizational structure and established procedures are always our starting point when designing digital conferencing solutions. Your requirements are fundamental to achieving an optimal solution with minimal adaptations to the existing infrastructure. Our consultants always think alongside their clients, and share the goal of finding the best solution for the minimum price.


Phased solutions

We are guiding our customers to a working solution in a phased method. Once a digital conferencing solution has been selected, we build test configurations. Testing can take place in-house at your company or at the conference room at our office. During the testing phase, you still have the chance to customize the system to your needs.


Working solutions

After selecting a configuration, our consultants take care of the implementation and the training for you and your employees. Once implemented, we take full responsibility for the support and on-going maintenance of the purchased system. Should you only need the system for a short time period, there is also the possibility to rent a complete solution.


End-to-end solution

We deliver not just the network facilities, but also the lighting, the audio check and even the furniture for the equipment. By constantly looking for innovative products and ideas, we are able to offer our clients the best technical, conceptual and financial solutions.


Your benefits

Polymedia Europe delivers the cutting edge of quality in digital conferencing. We turn options into solutions. We have the knowl- edge, the experience, the systems and components. We have the indepen-dence to run your projects the way they should run, deliver- ing on your requirements.


Our high-end approach always leads to high-end performance of digital conferencing systems. You can do your business without having to worry about technology. But, in the end it is not about quantity: its quality that really matters. End user satisfaction is our mission. Let us guide you to the cutting edge of quality in digital solutions.


The cutting edge of quality in digital conferencing.