Just reaching or calling your contacts is not sufficient. A personal connection is necessary with employees, customers and citizens in order to achieve your business goals together. That’s what digital conferencing is all about.

Polymedia Europe is market leader in digital conferencing solutions. We provide you with the highest value for your money. Our company delivers state of the art technology, elegant design and reliable solutions. The equipment we offer fulfils your business requirements. And the personal, professional connections that you achieve with other stakeholders by using our services, eventually lead to better results and a higher return on investment.


How do you get cutting edge quality in digital conferencing? By keeping it simple. We give you great products with nice designs, while never compromising on standards. You get integrated solutions that are easy to use. We offer full service, all around the world. We advise you however we can about our systems and components. And we deliver on time. We create working solutions in all shapes and sizes; from state-of-the art digital conferencing and voice conferencing, to easy data sharing solutions.


At Polymedia, we take care of the whole implementation and installation of the system of your choice. Step by step, we guide you through the process of finding, designing and delivering the best digital conferencing solution for your company.

We start by looking at your organisation

We always start by looking at your organizational structure and established procedures when designing digital conferencing solutions. Your requirements are needed, so we can come up with an optimal solution that has minimal adaptations to the existing infrastructure of your company. Our consultants always think alongside their clients and give advice in order to find the best solution for the minimum price.

We work in phases

We guide our customers to a working solution in a phased way. Once you have selected a digital conferencing solution, we build test configurations. Testing can take place in-house at your company or at the conference room at our office. During the testing phase, you still have the chance to customize the system to your needs.

We train and support you

After selecting a configuration, our consultants take care of the implementation and the training for you and your employees. Once implemented, we take full responsibility for the support and on-going maintenance of the purchased system. If you only need the system for a short period of time, there is even the possibility to rent a complete solution.

We offer end-to-end solutions

We do not just deliver the network facilities, but also the lighting, the audio check and even the furniture for the equipment. By constantly looking for innovative products and ideas, we are able to offer you the best technical, conceptual and financial solutions.

Are you interested in our products and services? Contact us for more information, advice or a quotation.

Customer References


The Dutch Department of Road Transport (RDW) is the national authority responsible for the safety and environmental regulation of motor vehicles in the Netherlands. Because they provide information to authorities in the Netherlands and abroad, they were searching for a communications solution that would enable collaboration with other locations in real time. They chose the Leo video collaboration suite, a studio with three 55 inch HD monitors and all the equipment needed in order to meet with authorities as if it were face to face. The main reason RWD chose this solution was the combination of price and performance coupled with ease of use, making this solution the most competitive in the market. Also, the fluidity and quality of the video solution was remarkable and the intuitive touch screen control made using the system nearly effortless. In 15 days, the solution was built and set up on three different locations. RDW has seen improved communication and users are satisfied with the overall experience and the advantages of HD video. For more information, read the RDW case (PDF).

Technology Partners

Polymedia Europe is an independent supplier of Audiovisual (AV) and Videoconferencing (VC) solutions. As such, we can work with any hard- and software vendor you prefer. Indeed, very often we find our customers already have a AV and/or VC solutions in place. Whenever possible, we will build upon that rather than replacing your existing solution.

There are a number of technology and knowledge partners we work closely together with, because we feel they add the most value to our customers:



Iocom is the creator of VisiMeet. VisiMeet is video conferencing software that can be installed on any desktop or laptop, including Mac, Windows, or Linux. The software goes beyond video conferencing, encouraging collaboration through advanced data share capabilities, unlimited independent video windows that can be resized and rearranged to accommodate screen size, and enabling an unlimited number of participants and incoming videos without hardware restrictions. In addition to VisiMeet, Iocom offers a VisiWeb, a webbased solution that works from your browser and can be used on tablets and smartphones.

Extron Electronics

Extron Electronics is a leading manufacturer of professional AV system integration products, including AV control systems, computer-video interfaces, switchers, matrix switchers, distribution amplifiers, audio amplifiers, speakers, twisted pair and fiber optic equipment, videowall processors, video signal processors, AV streaming products, classroom sound field systems, and high resolution cable.

Human Productivity Lab

The Human Productivity Lab is the leading consultancy for organizations looking to deploy and future-proof visual collaboration solutions including videoconferencing, telepresence, streaming video, unified communications, and Video Network Operation Centers (VNOCs).


Exterity is the market leading enterprise video over IP specialist with products and systems deployed globally by some of the most recognized brands in the world. Exterity solutions enable organizations to distribute broadcast quality digital TV and video over IP networks to an unlimited number of end points. With centralized management, configuration and control, Exterity systems support scalable volumes of channels and end user devices without compromising system performance, flexibility or availability.


Door Tablet is a system designed for tablets placed by meeting rooms. They allow a range of features to help you use your rooms more effectively and also provide for five different public display types for use on large monitors around your buildings..

Kramer Electronics

Kramer Electronics is committed to developing creative, reliable and value-oriented audio, video and computer signal processing solutions and distributing them worldwide with an uncompromising level of service and support. Following this philosophy guided us to celebrate our 28th anniversary in 2009, and by keeping our eyes on these goals we have successfully navigated often tumultuous industry waters throughout those 28 years. By continuing to follow this philosophy we will no doubt be successful for many years to come.