Wireless Presentations

We can provide with a turnkey solution for your wireless presentations including systems. Powered by Barco.

Door Tablet Room Booking System

Door Tablet is a premium workspace optimization solution. It improves the use of meeting rooms, desks, and spaces with interactive signage.

Communications unifiées

Nous réalisons des salles de réunion jusqu'aux grands studios de vidéoconférence. Mobilier à votre image et conçu par nos soins.

led walls and video walls

Murs d'images LED et murs video

Nous construisons des murs vidéo de toutes dimensions qui vous permettront de diffuser vos informations structurées comme vous l'entendez.


Mur LED pour permettre vos réunions dans de grands espaces, y compris un environnement de vidéoconférence.

Salles de crise / Salles de contrôle

Notre force, fournir une solution clé en main pour vos salles de crises et de contrôles, mobilier compris.

Diffusion ciblée et streaming vidéo

Fournir des services de narrowcasting sur réseau local, de signalisation numérique et de streaming vidéo dans toute votre organisation.

Design d'intérieur

Quelque soit votre charte de mobilier, de coloris, une solution complète où le design intérieur et la technologie ne font qu'un.

Polymedia intégrateur pour la qualité

Qualité : le standard de l'avenir des environnements numériques.

From a simple meeting room to high-end crisis room we can provide you with professional solutions based on state-of-the-art products developed by renowned manufacturers worldwide. You can be assured therefore of a high-end solution. Hereunder you will find an overview of the environments/solutions we can provide. This overview is growing on a yearly base due to innovative environment and the requirements of the end-users.

For 25 years we provide turn-key project where products, furniture are all supplied by Polymedia. Customers have one firm to communicate with before and after the project. With our consultants we can translate your needs in a working solution.
We cover a wide range of media/digital solutions, have extensive experience in Microsoft networks and products, can advise and supply all type of telecom solution, access control, video security an many more.


  • Mobile Conferencing (IOS and Android)
  • Desktop Conferencing (Windows, Mac and Linux)
  • Cloud videoconferencing Avaya, Lync, SFB
  • Videoconferencing Rooms 3 to 80 participants
  • Videoconferencing Studios 2,4,6,8 and more
  • Videoconferencing Training room combined with streaming multicast
  • Unified Communication (UC) environments
  • On-Site and/or Cloud based videoconferencing

Furniture Manufacturing

We advise to make use of our consulting regarding interior design, since it is a very complex issue. We guarantee then a room that will be optimized to answer your requirements.

  • Boardroom furniture
  • Council room interior
  • Training room interior
  • VC and meeting tables
  • VC/AV Stands for 1 to 4 monitors - Media Walls


  • Small and Large meeting rooms (250+ participants) - Training rooms
  • Auditoriums (small and large)
  • Digital SignageStreaming and Narrowcasting IPTV environment - Room Booking system / Room manager
  • 3D simulation environments
  • Holographic projection
  • Crisis rooms
  • Control rooms
  • BIM Rooms (VR-AR)


  • Integrated Access Control (RFID Actif &Passive)
  • Video surveillance systems Integrator