High Quality Polymedia’s Walls

These types of walls are used in the entrance hall of our customers or in control and crisis rooms mainly. Samsung and Barco have a wide range of products which enable us to provide the right solutions to our customers based on their requirements and budget.

These walls provide a full HD up to 4K resolution and are perfect for large ot small venues. We have implemented such environments in auditoriums and crisis rooms for most of our large accounts in Europe.

Media walls or large screens that can display any kind of information, video , audio data.

With a video matrix we can arrange that information is displayed on one or more monitors. The information can come from your network, satellite or computer on –site. With the help of a touchscreen (wired or wireless) or web browser you can control the configuration.


The video wall controller provides a cost-effective solution where the Matrix switch is managed automatically. This maximizes the flexibility and use of all available input sources, even in emergency situations where preset scenarios may not be sufficient. The drag and drop interface also allows instant content display changes and is hassle-free.

The solution offers the ability to control two or more walls with a single processor, while assigning different user permissions to each. This saves on cost of duplicating sources, running cables, and overall complexity. The Crisis Room can also be equipped with custom touch-control panels to quickly recall relevant presets in the event of an emergency or could be scripted to respond to an external alarm system.

The video wall controller decodes IP cameras as well as capture VMS clients along with other computer sources. This setup allows organization to select and display all the data simultaneously on a single video wall surface using the drag-and-drop user interface.The primary advantage of this configuration is that the Matrix is non-intrusive to the VMS software, which simplifies any software upgrades for either system. The intuitive user-interface of our Matrix makes it easy to manipulate multiple sources of information from a single point of control.

This solution allows the operator to position the data as needed during emergency situations.



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