We want to make you an offer for turnkey video conferencing you can’t refuse. Most video conferencing companies provide you with an outrageous maintenance contract. They put in ‘re-activation fees’ and complementary expensive services. In example, if you want to enable users to talk to more than one site (Multipoint Control Unit services), or if you want record and playback functionalities, you usually pay more than you should.

The Polymedia solution

At Polymedia Europe we don’t offer just a codec: you get a completely equipped conference room, with furniture designed by Polymedia for effective integration. The yearly maintenance contract for the whole conference room is very low; it’s even similar or lower than a contract for just one video collaboration codec at other companies. Up to 99 users can connect with the system in one meeting, and up to one thousand per server. Recording and playback is for free. Lastly, support is included.

Our price

We are able to offer you a complete video conference room with the specifications below for the ultra low price of € 27.500,- excluding VAT and including installation.

The Polymedia video conferencing solution comes with this equipment:

  • 2x Full HD monitors (55 inch)
  • 1x Audio bar (50 inch)
  • 3x Full HD cameras
  • 1x Full HD codec
  • 1x Table based microphone (ceiling mounted is also an option)
  • 1x Microphone mixer
  • 1x Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • 1x Cable cuddy with 1x VGA. 1x Audio, 1x RJ45/LAN and 1x 230V
  • 2x Cable cuddy with 2x 230V

And the following room furniture and extra’s:

  • 1x Stand for two 55 inch monitors
  • 6x Conference chairs on wheels
  • 10x Ceiling mounted LED lights
  • 1x Interface controller for the lights
  • 1x Room control system (to select the right configuration)
  • 1x Year subscription on our servers for 1 till 99 participants (with H323/SIP calls)

Financial lease

Don’t want to make the investment up front? You can also own a fully equipped video conference room by means of financial lease, and only pay a low monthly fee.




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