Design Options

Design Options

Each Polymedia video conference solution has its own unique design. There are spaces that are suitable for a large group of participants in the room, but also for one or two participants.

Pine Tree table

The Pine Tree table is the ideal solution for larger video conferences with fifteen participants or less in the room. The table is shaped like a pine tree and because of its shape everyone at the table has a clear view of the video screens in the front of the room. The Pine Tree table consists of multiple units and can therefore be easily adjusted to the most beneficial form while meeting with your colleagues or customers. The table is combined with comfortable conference chairs on wheels. It also has multiple cable cubby units where participants can charge their laptops or phones and which enable BYOD.


The Cube is a perfect solution when you want to start a video conference with one or two participants in one space. It’s an half open area that is shaped like a cube, with two openings on the side. Because of its shape, you can easily seclude from your surroundings. The color scheme and the interior in the cube contribute to that. It also has a beautiful wooden exterior and great acoustic. The Cube consists of a Full HD monitor, two chairs and a large desk and has complementary equipment.

Pluto stand

The Pluto stand is a video conferencing stand that is suitable for two large 55 inch Full HD Monitors, a 50 inch audio bar and a Full HD camera. The equipment of the Pluto stand can be easily configured by means of a room control system. Microphones that are used for video conferences can be either table based or ceiling mounted. The Pluto stand is nicely combined with the Pine Tree table.

Orion stand

The Orion stand is a video conferencing stand that has the same specifications as the Pluto stand. The difference is the design of the Orion stand, the stand itself is slightly bigger and has wooden details. The Orion stand can also be combined with the Pine Tree table.

Custom furniture

All our furniture can be customized. The color of the design can be changed, but also the design itself. Next to that, we can get you complementary furniture and equipment if necessary. Take a look at what is included in our standard Video Conference Room offer and ask for the customization possibilities.



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