Conference Room Upgrade

Conference Room Upgrade

Does your company already own a video conference room? You can upgrade your conference room so you can have video conferences more easily and efficiently. This way, you keep your investment and your room becomes more valuable. With the right audiovisual technology you can meet faster, share information easier and serve your clients effectively.

Acoustics and lighting

The acoustics and lighting of a video conference room are two very important factors for your video conversations. Background noise due to a bad microphone or too little light in the room can be easily distracting and can affect the meeting and atmosphere in a negative way. Polymedia can provide you with extra’s like acoustic walls, more LED lights, a better microphone or other adjustments that will increase the quality of your video sessions. This results in a comfortable environment and happier participants and eventually leads to a more beneficial meeting.

You can do video conference room upgrades on:

  • Type or size monitors
  • Display resolution
  • Camera Quality
  • Sound Quality
  • Microphone
  • Furniture
  • Lightning
  • Room Control
  • Other options

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