Video Conference Rooms

Video Conference Rooms


Let Polymedia Europe be your world wide video conference partner. In our video conference rooms you can easily set up meetings using mobile devices, desktop conferencing and room conferencing. Polymedia offers over 17 years of video conferencing expertise. From the invention of the first video conferencing set-up box until now, we have adapted our knowledge and expertise to best suite our customers needs and requirements.


  • Reduce traveling and staff time
  • Meet more regularly
  • Reach quicker decisions
  • Reduce CO2 footprint
  • Train remote offices on demand
  • Contact customers more often
  • Win more repeat business
  • Improve efficiency and profitability
  • Payback in 6-7 months or less


Polymedia offers customized turnkey video conferencing (VC) rooms with quick installation. Using standardization, we can easily multiply rooms all over the world. So whether you are in Beijing or New York, you will find every VC room equipped the same. As if you where stepping in the VC room at your own office. This way maintenance is centralized, new users can be instructed remotely on how to use the environment and broken equipment parts are easily exchanged.


Polymedia Europe offers the most reliable and cost-effective virtual meeting experience. With our powerful video conferencing and collaboration tool VisiMeet, you get flexibility and standardization at low cost. Using the computer as a platform, this tool provides the possibility to create a meeting space with all the video, audio and data input points needed. And you can easily integrate the tool with all the equipment in a video conference room. VisiMeet offers a very scalable solution, that is also easy to use with a common interface for all users. It scales from desktop users with a single camera to high definition (HD) video conference rooms with multiple cameras, all using the same software and interface.


  • The most comprehensive video conferencing and collaboration solution available
  • Instant visual communication between multiple users over broadband internet connections
  • A first class video and audio experience
  • A solution that is compatible with Mac, PC, Linux, Android and iOS
  • A full suite of collaboration tools and features
  • Meetings over a secure connection
  • A connection through the VisiMeet Cloud or a private server
  • Accelerated business processes and higher productivity


You can use VisiMeet in combination with a video conference room in order to start video conferencing with others anywhere around the globe. The software does not lock you to a specific location or require you to use a particular computer. Polymedia designed the room environment control for our video conference rooms to meet the needs of the end-user. We provide a user friendly touchscreen, that allows complete control of the rooms systems. This includes lights, camera, televisions, and even blinds if desired. This video conference system also cuts down on lost productivity time. Users do not have to worry about losing a television remote or adjusting the lights. Are you interested in these services? Take a look at the video conference room pricing plan for our special offer.



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