Design Options

Design Options

Polymedia Europe has three state of the art video collaboration suites, each with its own clever and useful design. The spaces are suited for up to 6 participants in a room.

Video collaboration suite Cygnus

Cygnus has a futuristic design and all the elements needed in order to meet by means of video collaboration. Cygnus is more than just a stand; it’s a wall covering installation with an impressive appearance. Because of its magnitude, Cygnus is a notable presence that will easily create the right atmosphere for video conferencing. The equipment consists of three large 55 inch Full HD monitors, one 46 inch Full HD data monitor, a 50 inch audio bar and four Full HD cameras. The three microphones that are used for video collaboration are ceiling mounted. Also, it comes with six chairs and complementary equipment, like a keyboard, mouse, microphone mixer, cable cubbies and a Full HD codec. The Cygnus room has 24 LED lights that can be adjusted easily and quickly using an interface controller.

Video collaboration suite Leo

Looking for perfect acoustics? Next to all the equipment and room benefits that you get with the Cygnus video collaboration suite, Leo has three independent acoustic walls in the back of the room. These acoustic elements make the Leo video collaboration studio the perfect place to hold video meetings with top quality sounds. Because of the eclipse shaped installation, it’s just like the participants on the other side of the video screen are joining you at the meeting table. Furthermore, the room had a nice wooden design with a professional, business minded appearance.

Video collaboration suite Lyra

The Lyra video collaboration suite consists of a long rectangular table that fits six participants. It has a beautiful wooden monitor installation, which contains the same equipment as the Cygnus. The acoustics in the room are controlled by special acoustic walls, this offers high-quality sound. The Lyra installation is more than just a monitor stand; because of its size and specifications it gives you the benefits of face-to-face contact like seeing body language and expression.

Customizing our solutions

All our video collaboration solutions can be customized. The color of the design can be changed, but also the design itself. Next to that, we can get you complementary furniture and equipment if necessary. Take a look at what is included in our standard video collaboration suite offer and ask for the customization possibilities.



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