Video and Collaboration Studios

Video and Collaboration Studios


A video collaboration suite gives you the feeling as if the participants of your video conference are physically in the room. This science and art of creating visual environments, duplicates in-person meeting experiences as completely as possible in both internal and external business communications. Using a video collaboration suite as a strategy can improve productivity and effectiveness. It enhances business communication and collaboration.


  • Reduce traveling and staff time
  • Meet more regularly
  • Reach decisions more quickly
  • Reduce CO2 footprint
  • Train remote offices on demand
  • Contact customers more often
  • Win more repeat business
  • Improve efficiency and profitability
  • Payback in 6-7 months or less


We offer complete video collaboration suites at an affordable price. Which will make your Return on Investment (ROI) time short. And because of our financial lease program, you can start saving money instantly. With a Visual Collaboration suite you can show your customers that you are innovative. At the same time, they give you the advantage of meeting your clients and colleagues as if you were meeting them in person.


Polymedia Europe has designed video collaboration suites from a single user op to 18 users. Larger rooms are also possible, it only requires a different configuration when it comes to media walls, larger projection screens and layout of the rooms for the cameras. We support up to eight cameras per system. With our solution, you can have a connection with multiple video collaboration suites. It is also possible to record and play back your conferences. We have three different types of video collaboration suites for six users, so that you can choose from different designs. The solution that Polymedia provides with video collaboration suites is codec independent. You can use any codec, in example Polycom, Radvision or Lifesize.

With a video collaboration suite, you can meet with anyone everywhere using the VisiMeet software. This includes other video collaboration suites and conference rooms, but also individuals on their desktop, laptop, or even smartphone. We also interoperate with traditional telepresence suites and video conferencing rooms. Basically connecting with others has no limits, if you both use the VisiMeet software.


  • Share an unlimited number of data feeds
  • Multiple cameras allow participants to view all attendees and feel as though they are sitting across from you
  • Multiple microphones ensure everyone’s voice is heard, and the HD cameras give a clear view
  • The suites offer you all thinkable facilities under your fingertips, with high-end audio and video quality
  • You can connect with all operating systems like Apple and Android
  • Instant dialing and messaging
  • Corporate directory meeting invites
  • A scalable number of participants
  • Dialing traditional hardware like desk telephones and other video conference equipment is possible
  • Company branded room appearance is possible, showing your corporate identity


The Polymedia video collaboration studio solution is using a variety of video conferencing tools in VisiMeet, to ensure your meeting goes smoothly. Moderator capabilities allow the meeting owner to control video and audio participation. Meeting video and audio options allow participants to adjust the settings, without affecting others. File sharing, presentation sharing and desktop sharing give attendees the opportunity to share data and prepared materials. Video collaboration suites enhance the meeting by broadcasting the reactions of attendees, body language and facial expressions.



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