Consultancy & Training

Consultancy & Training

Polymedia Europe is owned and run by a team of highly experienced video conferencing experts. Whether you are looking for a simple desktop conferencing unit or a high end video collaboration suite, we ensure that you will receive the solution that best addresses your needs, for the least amount of money.

For that reason, consultancy and training are always included in our offers. We first need to understand your existing infrastructure, your company structure, your work processes, before we can design the optimal solutiuon. To ensure rapid adoption of your new video conferencing solution we spend half a day training your administrators and a number of users.


Video conferencing audit

One of the reasons we started Polymedia, was our annoyance with the huge amounts traditional video conference vendors charge for their products and services – giving the entire video conferencing industry a bad name. Unfortunately, many users ended up paying too much for systems that are not user friendly and not meeting all requirements.

If you are unsure whether your current setup is stat-of-the-art, if you need help putting together a request for proposal or if you want a second, independent pair of eyes reviewing video conferencing quotations, please contact us using the form on the right. We will assign a senior consultant to you within one business day and help you ask – and answer – all the right questions.