Video in the Cloud

Video in the Cloud


Video in the cloud makes video collaboration more flexible and effective. By using cloud infrastrucure and resources instead of investing in your own, you can very rapidly deploy a video solution to anywhere in the world.


  • Rapid deployment
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Supports multiple clients including smartphones and tablets
  • May be used together with your existing video conferencing infrastructure
  • Low bandwidth usage
  • Encrypted connections offer secure communications


Polymedia’s cloud video solutions are based on VisiMeet software. VisiMeet is a feature rich solution that offers a variety of tools for an all-inclusive experience. It can work as a stand-alone service or be fully or partially integrated into a separate service. Check out our low subscription prices or download a free trial version.

Take your video commmunication to a higher level

Video conferencing used to be expensive, difficult to use, and time consuming to implement. With the ascent of cloud hosted video solutions, all this has changed. Polymedia Europe offers an enteprise video in the cloud solution based on VisiMeet software. For a nominal monthly fee, you will enjoy these benefits:

Flexibillity and Scalability

Near instantaneous deployment and unlimited scalability offer you the greatest possible amount of flexibility.

Integration with existing infrastructure

Polymedia Europe’s solution can run in the cloud completely, or (partly) use you existing infrastructure, creating a hybrid solution. This means that you can leverage previous investments in video communications.

Bring your own device

Polymedia Europe’s solution is platform independent and can be used with any hardware. Hold your video meetings using our feature-rich and easy to use client software, or attend meetings from a web browser. Use any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone with a camera, microphone and speakers.

Bandwidth control and usage

Because our solution uses very little bandwidth, you will have a high quality meeting in almost any location, using any type of network. In company, the IT department has full control over bandwidth usage, ensuring the best Quality of Service for your mission critical applications as well as your digital meetings.


Polymedia Europe’s cloud video solution offers secure communications using AES 256 encryption, the highest level of security currently available in the marketplace

Complete solution

Forget about paying additional fees for every additional feature you require. We offer a complete solution that includes:

  • Up to 99 video connections in one meeting
  • Screen sharing (whether it is your desktop, a specific document, application or snapshot)
  • File sharing (share any meeting doc, whether it is an Office document, pdf, technical drawings, etcetera)
  • Record and playback of video meetings, including all participants’ contributions and shared documents.



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