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Video in the cloud

Video in the cloud makes video collaboration more flexible and effective. By using cloud infrastrucure and resources instead of investing in your own, you can very rapidly deploy a video solution to anywhere in the world. Because users don't need special software to attend video meetings, our cloud video solutions give you maximum flexibility.

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Video conference rooms

Polymedia video conference rooms are designed with ease of use and comfort in mind. Traditional vendors have led you to believe that video conferencing is expensive and a hassle. With a turn-key video conference room fromPOlymedia we can prove to you that the opposite is true.

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Video collaboration suites

If you work in an international environment with distributed teams, you need a video solution that duplicates in-person meeting experiences as completely as possible. Polymedia's video collaboration suites are designed to do just that, at a price tag that will have you earn back your investment in no time.

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Custom VC Studios

Custom VC Studio's

Do you have a need for multiple videoconferencing studios and a limited budget, then we have your solution!

Get 20% discount when buying 2 studios at once !

Check out the details of these fully equipped video conferencing studios and order yours today! Do you have a limited budget? We possibly can offer you Financial Lease as a solution!


Paris Space Week 2015


Polymedia Europe had a successful exhibition at Paris last week. Polymedia team would like to thank the Spaceweek Expo team for their hospitality and specially all visitors interested in the services Polymedia provides.

The Paris Space Week is the place for end-users to connect with solution providers; a meeting place for industry leaders, suppliers and buyers to meet manufacturers and the supply chain for civil and commercial space.


Advantages of video in the cloud with visimeet